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Coin Presso

  • Real-time ticker information for major coins
  • Information on trading ranks of major exchanges
  • News content about cryptocurrency
  • Provide ICO, how to participate, and related materials
  • Share a variety of cryptocurrency posts within the Decentre Café

* CoinPresso – provides real-time cryptocurrency information

Round Robin C2C COIN Exchange

  • C2C cryptocurrency exchange
  • Functions to secure private transactions between non-listed coins and tokens.
  • Creating a free trading environment, regardless of restrictions on the use of exchanges
  • Provide safe trading environment with KRW and Crypto currencies escrow services
  • Expanded to offline exchange services in connection using Decentre Café

* Round Robin – Private cryptocurrency transaction exchange.

DeCentre Magazine

  • Key news and information for cryptocurrency
  • Provides interviews with prospective companies(representatives, developers, etc.)
  • Blockchain industry trend
  • ICO information

* Decentre Magazine – a bi-weekly cryptocurrency magazine