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The Bit! Forum is a block-chain conference hosted by DeCentre,
which explores this year's trends in the crypto space, platform,
trading environment, and so on.

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Bit! Forum
2018 Summer

The second bit forum on June 21 will be the venue for this year's trend, including blockchain cryptography, platforms and trading environments, and a new platform for promising technology players. We offer you a generous prize through the draw.

  • Date

    2018.6.21 Thursday, pm 1:30

  • Place

    Grand Conference Room 401, COEX 4F

Bit! Forum
2018 Spring

At the Bit Forum 2018 Spring Conference, we're going to have a fast-changing blockchain and We're going to look at the current trend of cryptographic currency, and we're going to look at the world with the best technology in the future. We have prepared a chapter to introduce a new platform for promising companies in this market.

  • Date

    2018.4.23 Monday, pm 1:00

  • Place

    POSCO P&S Tower, Event Hall 3F