Episode 01

News | 05, November, 2018

DeCentre signed a strategic partnership with GOB Universal

<DeCentre and GOB Universal signed a global marketing strategic partnership on the 2nd of this month. GOB Universal’s CEO Kwon Hyun-taek (left) and DeCentre’s CEO, Lee Dong-hyuk.>

Blockchain accelerator DeCentre signed a global marketing partnership with GOB Universal, whose HQ is in Singapore.

DeCentre will provide ICO marketing services for the GOB Platform with the GOB Global Marketing Team. This will be a milestone for the growth outside of Korea.

Based on this partnership, DeCentre will introduce global marketing strategy.

After the ICO marketing of FORESTING this year, DeCentre has been successfully providing marketing services by connecting projects with global exchanges to ease the market entry.

The CEO of GOB Universal said, “the partnership between our two firms will strengthen the teamwork between the two firms to successfully launch the GOB Platform on a global level.”

According to him, “the main engine of the GOB Platform is almost complete and it is ready to release its mainnet” and that “unlike other project that start from zero, GOB will complete the technology before marketing”.

The co-CEO of DeCentre, Lee Dong Hyuk said that “he is happy to sign a strategic inclusive ICO marketing partnership that includes global marketing and advising” and that he will utilize the key manpower into the project to make the project successful.”

On the other hand, existing blockchain projects have faced difficulties in market commercialization based on the text-limited smart contract functions. In order to resolve this issue, they will use the auto-XML  to allow average users to create smart contracts.\