Episode 01

News | 31, October, 2018


BIT!FORUM 2018 FALL was successfully held
at the POSCO P&S Tower on Oct. 30th.

We thank all the visitors who came to the event.

The event was composed of:
1) “Blockchain and Decentralized World” by Professor Park Sung Jun of Dongkook University.
2) “2018 Trend Report” by Director Kim Hannim of Decentre.
3) “Bluebelt and exchange coin BBXC introduction” by Vanessa Castillo of Bluebelt.
4) “Project Delta Introduction” by Strategic Director Na Jae kyun of Delta.
5) “Bringing Cryptoinvesting to Everyone” by Nitin Argawal of B21.
6) “New roadmap for the global consortium blockchain” by CEO Won Chul of HEBE.
7) “Rational investment method proposal through technical analysis” by CEO Gang Dae Gu of Borabit.
8) “Blockchain over Blockchain” by CTO Park Yong Pil of GOB.
We thank all of the presenters,
and we hope to see them again.

We’ll be back with more news!